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How to buy NFT art with your phone

Updated: Jan 12

Starting an NFT account seems hard at first glance.

With just three steps, you can start buying your favorite NFT art


Download MetaMask and fund your account with Ethereum currency to buy your favorite digital art.

On your phone, open the app store and download metamask.

Go through the steps to finish creating your account

tap buy and fund your account with ethereum (currency)

Notice: You will also be charged for "gas prices" when you fund your wallet.

This is to help the system keep going for our use.

currently around $5


Download an app called Opensea and create an account

Go to the app store and search for opensea

Download and go through the steps to create your account


Link your MetaMask and Opensea to start buying your favorite art.

Go to opensea and tap create

Tap connect to MetaMask and tap allow.


At this current stage you are unable to purchase NFT art through the open sea application.

You are only able to buy it through your browser application.

Now you are free to gather your wonders.

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