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I used to think words were the dumbest thing invented by human beings

It creates so much misunderstanding of my feelings and perspective

Now, I treasure words...well I think I've always have carefully selecting words but now I understand the beauty of it

These random sounds joining together to deliver emotions and ideas

Leaving a trail on this earth for thousands of years

We need words, but at the same time we need more meaningful words

Words that matter, and maybe this is just my theory but words that connect with an emotion

Including my self I think we sometimes use words carelessly

Not paying attention to our selves and the people we direct it towards

Either we are just randomly putting out words to get by the situation you are in

Or using words not thinking about the other persons feeling or perspective

Its hard because every word is powerful, and none of it is light

But if we continue to be conscious of the words we use every day to everyone

And select the words to better express how you think or feel

I think this world would be just a tad bit better than yesterday

And I think that is the beauty of these magical musical notes called words


  1. "Words are but the vague shadows of the volumes we mean. Little audible links, they are, chaining together great inaudible feelings and purposes." ~~ I love this quote!

  2. Creating words that can make others feel happy or makes them feel meaningful is very crucial and I think you are very good at this Kai.


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