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We talk about race

White, Black, Asian, Brown

I don't know why I said Asian...maybe I'm a racist lol

But we talk about race...

What are we racing for?

Who's watching the race?

How far is the race?

Are we running? I don't really want to run

Is there a winner? A loser?

What's at the end of the goal? If there even is a goal?

But, do you know why it's called a race?

It's so we compete with one another to define who is the greater of all

Who is the best race that defeats all others to fall

Those at the top sitting on their comfy chairs

Looking down at us, hating each other, who the fuck cares??

It really shouldn't be a race against one another.

It should be a race together to reach our goal as a humanity

Stop hating each other before we all lose our sanity

A world where there is no racism or hate just because of how we look

Switching your detrimental perspective for the bright sunny outlook

Thank you for always supporting

Happy to announce, due to lots of request by people wanting to buy my art

 I decided to start selling my art!

This really helps me to continue creating more art and more content

If you are interested in purchasing any of my art

Please DM me on Instagram @kaicoxa or Email me at
インスタグラムのDM @kaicoxa か メールアドレス までお願いします

Always, Thank you so much everyone for your support

If you live around the center of Tokyo, I can deliver it to you personally!

"Bush on Fire" 21.3x15 Acrylic on paper 105,000 yen

"Me and my Friends" 17.6x8 Acrylic and coupy on plank 85,000 yen

"Love or Lust" A4 Pen on Paper 35,000

"Stage Trauma" A4 Pen on Paper 25,000

"Missed Opportunity" A4 Pen on Paper 25,000
Except for "Me and my Friends", they will come with a frame
"Me and my Friends"…


Thank you for letting me understand

For the people I have near me

The People who care for my well being

I'm thankful for the people that understand me for who I am

I am very grateful, Thank you very much

I love everyone

But I need to show it more

Not for my self, but for the people around me who support me

I want to see their happy faces

Because in the end... that makes me happy


I used to think words were the dumbest thing invented by human beings

It creates so much misunderstanding of my feelings and perspective

Now, I treasure words...well I think I've always have carefully selecting words but now I understand the beauty of it

These random sounds joining together to deliver emotions and ideas

Leaving a trail on this earth for thousands of years

We need words, but at the same time we need more meaningful words

Words that matter, and maybe this is just my theory but words that connect with an emotion

Including my self I think we sometimes use words carelessly

Not paying attention to our selves and the people we direct it towards

Either we are just randomly putting out words to get by the situation you are in

Or using words not thinking about the other persons feeling or perspective

Its hard because every word is powerful, and none of it is light

But if we continue to be conscious of the words we use every day to everyone

And select the words to better ex…

Why so serious?

I sometimes take life too seriously

I lose my self thinking seriously, losing sight of all my strengths

Life isn't meant to be taken seriously

I lose sight of how good I am to be 適当

No one else has my sense of 適当、これでいいっしょmentality

I over think somethings have to be done a certain way

Losing the main purpose of life or the thing I do

Which is to just enjoy life and have fun with what I do.

If I'm not doing that, I'm losing something in life

And I don't want to lose

I want to win

By having fun

New opportunities

Recently more people are interested in buying my paintings and drawings

Something I'm very grateful for, and never imagined this would happen to me

I want to continue to keep on drawing

Because I still have my big dream of going to the moon in 2023

It might seem like a far fetched dream of being invited

But with all the different things coming to me, and getting positive feedback

I know I can make it, only if I keep on drawing

If I just continue what I like to do

Look down and continue moving forward

The opportunity will come to my lap

And all I have to do is to prepare for that one moment in my life

Am I doing better than yesterday

Am I doing better than yesterday?

I went for a run longer than yesterday, meditated, and stretched more so I think the answer is yes

I also came back to standup comedy in a way I have lost for awhile now

I want to be doing more standup, the other day I wasn't feeling it

Now, there is an urge to stand on the stage with the mic in my hand

Seeing the lights and dimly lit people face

The rush in my body, some people laughing, my buddy's watching

In that sense of my way of thinking towards comedy, I did do better than yesterday

And the biggest reason is because I was able to share about my problem with people

People responded to me in a positive way, believing in me

That melts my heart, that makes me realize I've got it in me

Now it's down to if I do it or not

So thank you everyone for listening to me and also expressing what you feel

It really helps me

And tomorrow, I want to be doing better than today

Set the bar a little higher than today

And keep growing to see the per…

Stage Freight

Yesterday was an amazing day spending time with friends and a special person

I was living in the moment, until I started thinking about the stage I was going to get back on

I had prepared all of my comedy bits for this night for awhile now

I sat down with Troy and went through all of my lines and even added a new intro for my self

I practiced countless times to a point I knew the lines

I was excited to get on the stage for the first time this year

Then suddenly, this feeling triggered the flashback of my first stage in front of the cameras

I'm on the stage performing my bit while no one in the room laughs

No one is agreeing with what I'm saying at the moment

I got scared

I started thinking rapidly

Is this going to happen tonight, when I'm most confident with my material?

I gave out and told my friend about my feeling

He told me "If you don't want to go, just don't go"

This made me relieved and I decided not to go

Deep down, I know that wasn't the rig…

Eddie Hark

Eddie is my middle name, Hark means to listen, Eddie Hark is the name with the message of equal heart

I want to create clothes, people feel confident and empowered when they wear it

Clothes are something we wear, we choose, and feel from it everyday

Through that process you are able to feel confident no matter who you are

Just by selecting the clothes you feel good in

It is something that I have recently felt by actually caring about what I wear

Before I used to wear anything, anything that would fit me and make me comfortable

But at that point of my life, I wasn't very confident with my self

I wasn't able to talk to anybody being embarrassed by who I was at that time

But now I know my self more, and I have worked on my self everyday to be better

On top of all that I choose what I wear and how I express my self through clothes

By doing that I almost always feel unstoppable

That is why I want more people to feel the same way, especially woman

Woman are the power we need, power…

I want to see the other side of the moon

Why does the moon exist?

How is it just floating up there while shining so brightly?

The moon has powers with gravitational pool and menstrual cycle as well

Isn't that crazy??

Without the moon, the earth wouldn't exist right now

The moon helps pull other meteorites in space and takes the hit for the earth

The earth and the moon are a set, a team for it to keep existing.

I learned that because the way the moon spins

we have never seen 41% of the moon

So basically no one has seen the other side of the moon

That's crazy

I want to see the other side, I want to see with my own eyes if the pictures on the internet are true

The closest way I can possibly achieve that is to be part of the Dear Moon Project led by a man named Yusaku Maezawa

He wants to take 7 artists to the moon and back to see what kinds of creations the artist will make

I want to draw something

I want to see something people have never seen

I want to see the earth from the moons point of view

I want to see the o…


Beginning on my 2020 Resolution, I started running again

This time I feel different with the way I run

I have this moment where if I focus on what I'm actually doing right now, I am able to be in the moment or in the zone

I am not thinking in my head about other things or problems in my life

Because that means nothing to me right now, while I am running

What really matters is how am I going to get to the next step, goal

When I feel like I'm in the moment I feel my face relaxes, all the muscles and tension in the body removes it self building all my focus on the eyes

By running I was able to find that out about when I can or want to focus

Anytime I want to do it, I can bring it out

It's something I haven't felt before but now I know and experience it, every time I'm running

What is your focus right at this moment?

What is your number one priority right now?

Is it drawing this beautiful line? Is it listening to this person that's talking to me? Is it enjoying th…