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2020 Goals Do I really Need This

What do i want to do in 2020?

A lot of things, I want to do a lot of things

Things unimaginable, things that will change something for the better

First of everything, I want to go to New York

I want to go to New York to see how the city moves

To see new standup material and styles

To see great art that moves me a certain way

I think there is a lot of things going on in New York way faster than in Tokyo

And i want to experience that to better what I can offer to people

Go to New York

Come back to Japan

And just make great shit

That's what I want to do

And that's what I'm going to do

I'm excited

This was my initial writing of what I wanted to do in 2020

And I'm not going to take any of it back because it is indeed the things I want to do

But I thought to my self "What do I really need to do?"

What do I really need to do to better my self

Only one thing

Because if we have multiple I'm eventually going to forget about my others

So right now I need to get…

More help

Recently I made a New Friend

And his name is Troy, he's hilarious so if anyone is in Tokyo, you should check him out
He met up with me in Shibs and we went to Cafe De Copain, it was my first time there
The locomoco was the bomb
We went through some exercises and then went back to analyze my old bits
I can't thank him enough for what he did
Giving me the basics of what I need to know in comedy like word economy and three's rule
Now I understand what the base of comedy is
Now I understand how unfunny my old bits were
But at least now I understand
And now I'm even more excited to do more comedy
So Thank You

2019 Review

This year there was a lot of change

A lot of things that i didn't expect happened this year

And those changes were for the good

Relationships, Career, Interests

All these new things came into my life

which in return helps me understand my self even more

At times I was selfish, only thinking about my goals, career, and food

I want to be more selfless in 2020

I want to be able to give back more especially to those people who have given to me

Change is Good and Life is Good now

Clear Path

I know what to do

Everything is clear

The path thats shown makes sense

Everything is a gift

And i appreciate it a lot

Like, I'm happy right now

But, I need to solve my problems at the same time

I need to see the obstacles

And understand why I need to over come them

I need to face the reality filled with different kinds of problems


In my life, i haven't had lots of friends

There were people around me, but it was hard for me to call them a true friend

But what is a true friend?

I think a true friend is someone who has my back when I'm in the gutter

but it also goes the other way around

someone i would help and be there for them

My family left me to Arizona so Yesterday I had an amazing Christmas with my Friends

I went shopping for some wine, ham, and cheese went to the park and just...talked

Talked about life, talked about an idea, and talked about if its actually possible to kill a person with the edge of a Tofu, inspired by the Japanese joke

I met up with my friend thats 42 years old after and talked about me

Whats going on in the house, what he thought watching two episodes of it

He seemed really happy for me and that makes me happy!

I went to the home party and met up with all my other friends and their friends for a Christmas party

Everyone seemed happy, joyful, and fun

We ate Takoyaki and Pasta an …

What do you really want to do now?

The most important thing i learned, is to do what is on your mind right now
What do you really need to do right now? What do you want to do?
What is your mind telling you?
If you can listen within, and listen to your thoughts that whisper in your heart,
Everything becomes easier
keep asking your self what you want to do right now and expand from that
And don't just have it in your mind, actually do it.

I feel like everything is finally coming together recently
I understand what im doing, what im trying to do, and what this is all about
its hard to express it through words so maybe ill draw something.
but im excited
im excited because now i know what to do

we act like we care

Its weird that we all seem to fake it sometime just to act like we care

it could be a conversation with your boss

or it could be a conversation with your friends while you're on your phone

sometimes we just dont care

we are not engaged with the people that are around us...because we like our selves too much

sometimes i catch my self thinking about my problems while someone is talking about something it be important or not.

the worst is when i see people actively being in the conversation but its obvious they have no interest

why do we do this?

would it be a dick move to tell the people that we just aren't interested?

I think we understand that people need time to talk to express what is on their mind

and so we let them,


its just so weird when you see people with no interest about the other person keep engaging

I love people

A lot of people have come to me, even though its online

and actually told me they are here for me and wishing me luck

i am overwhelmed with joy

i couldn't believe there are so many people out there expressing their love

That makes me happy

it makes me happy because it made me realize a lot of people are real out there

them giving me love makes me want to give even more love to people

it makes me want to work even harder

it makes me want to be the best version of me

I love everyone out there with genuine vibes

I want to connect with more people through music, art, and comedy

Thank you everyone

Who am I

Who am i?
Sometimes I ask this question especially living here in Tokyo
There are so many people living here, with different reasoning to keep living
I think i also ask this question is because i have changed so much in the past couple of years

Hellow World

Today, I bought my first ever flower for my self. It's a cocksomb and its beautiful with dark purple and blue colors. It feels like you're touching suede and animal fur combined and divided by two. I love touching it, the smell is like grass.
I started working on three different artworks at the same time. It's so much easier transitioning from one to another instead of working on one the whole time. I learned how to do this from reading Kusama Yayoi sans book. I recommend it to anyone out there.